One of the best phosphate mine in China and even in Asia

CHANHEN owned large phosphate mine --LAOHUDONG phosphate mine located at Weng’an county Guizhou province, the mining area is 5.3 square kilometers, the ore body length is 3.8 kilometers, theaverage thickness is 26m, total reserves is 365 million tons, the average gradeis 27%; associated fluorine resource is 6 million tons, iodine resources is 6200 tons. CHANHEN plans to build a large-scale mine filed with capacity 5 million tons / year.

LAOHUDONG phosphate mine has advantages such as location, qualityand scale. With the Weng'an highway and railway construction and shipping conditions continue to improve, the advantages of LAOHUDONG phosphate mine will be more obvious. With gradually reduction of the average grade of China's phosphate mining, high grade phosphate rock resource become more valuable; LAOHUDONG phosphate mine has good washability, it can make P2O5 content in concentrate at 32 - 36%, the recovery rate is more than 92%; good chemical activity,especially suitable for wet process phosphorus chemical industry, to produce avariety of quality phosphate, but also can produce industrial grade and food grade phosphoric acid. The distribution of phosphate rock resources in LAOHUDONG is concentrated, suitable for large-scale mining with low investment, high efficiency and low cost.

Mine elegant demeanour
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