GUIZHOU CHANHEN CHEMICALCORPORATION (hereinafter referred to as: CHANHEN), the production base islocated in Guizhou province Fuquan City, our large phosphorus mine is locatedin Guizhou Province, Weng'an county. The company registered capital is $60 million, annual sales revenue is about $180 million, production and marketing capacity are more than 450 thousand tons/ year. After decades ofdevelopment, the company has been formed to a circular economy industrial groupbased on phosphorus chemical industry, including: mining, phosphate production,phosphorus chemical technology innovation, associated resource development& utilization, phosphorus gypsum building materials, technical services,product sales.

Since CHANHEN is founded, CHANHEN people committed to technological innovation, after decades of accumulation, CHANHEN made lots of achievements in the domestic phosphorus chemical industry area:first independent research and development success of the technology of hemihydrate phosphoric acid, and reached the international advanced level.Depend on the hemihydrate phosphoric acid technology to develop new hemihydrate phosphogypsum cementitious material and mine filling technology with USTB, it is expected to achieve a major break through for the cleaning-cycle phosphorus chemical production!

After 9 times of technology upgrades, our feed grade monocalcium phosphate products maintain the market share nearly 50% in China for many years. CHANHEN is the leader of feed grade monocalcium phosphate in the Asia Pacific region. Involved in the drafting of the national standard of feed grade monocalcium phosphate, continues bring innovation and dedication values to the customers. The first to published new monoammonium phosphate, become the most influential phosphate products in China's water-saving agriculture. The first to published customized monoammonium phosphate, become Chinese professional fire protective monoammonium phosphate, they all keep remaining high market share in recent years. Rely on the spirit of innovation, CHANHEN successfully d the keyhigh-tech enterprise of national Torch Program and provincial high-tech technical center, and achieved a number of technical innovation awards at the provincial level or above. CHANHEN also work with the domestic first-class universities, to establish China Phosphorus Nutrition Research Center, tostudy on phosphorus nutrition of plants and animals, to innovate scientific application on phosphorus, to explore new effects on phosphorus.

In the future, CHANHEN will continue to adhere to the circular economy as the core value, implement clean production concept as "mine-factory combination", to set up a clean, efficient and sustainable phosphorus industrial group based on high performance and new type fertilizer & feed phosphate,phosphoric acid & fine phosphate, related product development and new building materials.

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